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we work collectively to bridge the gaps between mainstream childcare advocacy organisations, grassroots groups, trade unions, and local campaigns.

We do not have regular funding at present, and so are slowly developing a structure for how to build the coalition and build a movement. This page is a work in progress. Be in touch to be part of how things develop!


local chapters

We are beginning to establish 'chapters' - local networks of activists - in different regions of England.

London: We are connecting campaigns against closures of local nurseries to people with previous experience of fighting for provision in Hackney, Tower Hamlets and Salford.

Manchester: We are beginning to connect activists in preparation to fight early years struggles in Manchester..​.

If you'd like to set up a chapter in your local area, be part of these emerging chapters, or have a campaign that needs help please email us: 

trade union or political party affiliation

If you would like to affiliate your local branch to Post Pandemic Childcare please be in touch! 



We run regular online meetings for parents, workers, carers, and campaigners across the UK to come together and discuss the issues currently facing them in the childcare sector. We also hope run some in-person meetings soon.


We hope to organise another national campaign soon. Our campaigning priorities will be decided by our steering group and through the input of our coalition network and local chapters.

Resources & coalition support

We aim to create resources such as toolkits, videos, and blog posts to help support nascent campaigns to grow and succeed. Additionally, we provide community and practical support where possible through facilitated group sessions and workshops. We often try to connect current campaigns with successful past campaigners from across the UK so that they can hear from someone who has been through it before and share knowledge & advice. Please get in contact if you are interested.

Steering group

Our Steering Group formed at the height of the pandemic in response to the government's total failure to adequately support parents and childcare workers during the first lockdown. We are a group of individuals from across the UK who work on a voluntary basis to run the Post Pandemic Childcare coalition. We aim to meet on a monthly basis to debate and vote on coalition priorities, carry out administrative work such as answering emails, and using our collective experience as activists, union reps, researchers, and workers to build resources for the wider membership. We are currently open to new members of the steering group; if you would like to join, please let us know via our contact form.


Coalition members

Our coalition is largely made up of the parents, carers, and workers who signed our January 2021 Open Letter. Anyone affected by childcare in the UK is welcome to join our network by signing up to our mailing list below. As part of the coalition, you are welcome to attend our meetings, come to us for advice & support, or join our steering group. We hope that you will also spread the word about the Post Pandemic Childcare coalition and invite your colleagues/friends/local MPs to join one of our meetings!


Ally network

Our Ally Network is made up of NGOs, trade unions, childcare advocacy groups, and grassroots organisations that support some or all of our manifesto. As part of our aim to unite disparate voices around childcare, we often meet with these groups when appropriate to share update & share information about our work and ask for support. Ally Networks may include some of our campaigns or demands in their own strategic priorities and we may in the future run joint campaigns with these groups (where appropriate). We hope that member organisations of the PPC will support us by promoting our blog posts & news amongst their networks and support our efforts to mobilise. If you are an organisation that would like to join our Ally Network, please get in touch.

Consensus decision making

Currently, we make decisions about the coalition via our steering group, and aim to make all decisions by consensus. Consensus means that everyone in the steering group is okay with the decision we are making. We hope to create a more formalised structure for members of the coalition network, including representatives from each new local chapter, to participate in decision-making in the future. 

Our constitution

TBC: The Post Pandemic Childcare coalition is legally incorporated as a xxxx limited by guarantee, with a constitution that establishes us as a xxx. The PPC is governed by a constitution and by a set of additional rules for how we work together. This web page is a summary of the most important things in those two documents. 

Join OUR NExt Meeting!

We run regular online meetings where parents, carers, and workers from across the UK can come together to discuss the issues facing them and work together to campaign for solutions.

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